Athletes need to be extra concerned about oral health

It’s mid-February and we’re getting closer and closer to spring. With the nice weather quickly approaching, so is the spring sports season. In fact, many sports have even started their preseason. From baseball players, lacrosse players, and soccer players to even endurance athletes, there is one precaution that is often overlooked: preventative care of teeth.

Yes, no matter the sport, your teeth run into the risk of several factors from physical injury to sugary sports drinks. So before you start off the season factor in some preventative care that will keep you smiling during your favorite athletic activity.

Wear mouthguards and other protective headgear 


Mouthguards can be the most important piece of sports equipment you’ll wear.

This should be a no-brainer. Wear the proper helmets, headgear and, of course, mouthguards. The risk of injuries in the mouth don’t just happen in contact sports. They can happen in any sport such as weightlifting or even cycling.

Forget the mouthguard and risk your teeth from getting cracked, chipped and knocked out.

Energy Bars, gels and chews = sugar mouth

Are you consuming quick easy energy when you’re competing  Using engergy bars or those gel shots filled with energy and caffine? Be sure to brush your teeth and floss as soon as possible. Not flossing away this extra sugar and acid may cause cavities down the road.

sports drinks

There are pros and cons about sports drinks. Be sure to protect your teeth from these sugary beverages.

Sports drinks, the good and bad

Sports drinks are often needed to fuel endurance and energy. You need to replenish electrolights and give yourslef a shot of protien when going through prolonged activity. Energy drinks are great for this, however, the acidic pH nor the high content of sugar isn’t making your enamel any stronger. These drinks foster bacteria, which will cause tooth decay.

So what do you do to prevent problems? If you need quick, easily digestable energy moderate your intake. Drink water when you’re not competing. Add to more prevention by using more fluoride in your daily oral care. Ask your dentist on how to prevent damage to your teeth and use over-the-counter mouth rinses for extra protection.

As you can see, sports bring a lot of dangers to your mouth. The key to fully enjoying the sport and keeping that smile on your face is prevention. Don’t forget important equipment like mouthguards and be sure to brush, floss and rinse away those sugary drinks and food.


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