Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

Do you know what day it is today? Sure, you may say it’s National Chocolate Soufflé Day or National Chili Day and you’d be right. But the real reason to celebrate today is National Tooth Fairy Day!

Enjoy National Tooth Fairy Day today!

Enjoy National Tooth Fairy Day today!

For hundreds of years, people have celebrated the tooth fairy, which originated in Europe as far back to Norse mythology. Early Europeans buried children’s teeth so witches and evil spirits couldn’t’ use them.

Other stories include when a child’s sixth tooth falls out it was custom for parent to slip money under the child’s pillow. Now parents reward children after losing their first tooth and/or every tooth after. Some parents even leave trails of glitter to represent leftover fairy dust.

A 2011 study found that American children receive $2.60 per tooth on average.

So enjoy National Tooth Fairy Day and don’t forget to check under your pillow!


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