Matrix bands, what are they?

Matrix bands are used virtually in every dental office. The band is made of some sort of metal or plastic that is secured around the crown of a tooth to confine the restorative material filling a cavity. This band protects adjacent teeth during preparation or curing process of a filling.

Keystone Matrix Bands

Keystone offers high quality matrix bands.

The most popular and most used band is the Tofflemire system, which Keystone Industries manufactures. This system sufficiently isolates the prepped tooth and protects the adjacent teeth. This system works great and is a cost-effective solution for filling cavities.

Keystone offers a Matrix Roll in two different sizes, a Matrix T-Band in two different sizes and a Matrix Band Tofflemire. These rolls and band are made of high quality, medical grade stainless steel. Because of the strong steel material, they will not rip or tear und stress, while having a smooth edges to ensure the patients comfort.

Comfort of the band is important since most general dentists use matrix systems in direct restoration involving the proximal surface.

Be sure to check out Keystone’s matrix systems and see how they can provide the most comfort and best results.


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