Protection is Pro-form’s game, saving teeth and preventing head injuries

Cherry Hill, N.J. – A Pro-form mouthguard is a piece of equipment athletes of any level shouldn’t go without. Whether a professional athlete or a Pee Wee player, there’s always a risk of injuring the mouth and head. That’s why Keystone Industries is proud to stand by its lauded Pro-form mouthguard line which has proven to protect athletes when they need it the most.


Show your pride with a patriot Pro-form mouthguard


Add some sparkle with a glitter guards

These custom-made athletic mouthguards reduce the incidence of tooth breakage by properly distributing the stress of a hard impact to the entire length of the tooth. A double layer of laminated sheet vinyl and a lingual plate imbedded behind the incisors gives the mouthpiece long-lasting durability. The tensile strength is excellent due to the two layers of laminate while the density is maintained during the pressure laminated process for controlled, uniformed shape. Overall, the risk of injuries is lessened by about 90% when wearing a custom-made mouthguard.

Used at all levels of competition, Pro-from has proved itself as a top performer on the field or court when athletes need it the most.

Direct benefits of wearing a custom Pro-form mouthguard:

  • Allows athletes to breathe during competition and enhances performance.
  • Prevents tongue, lips and cheeks from lacerations from sharp ends of the upper teeth.
  • Lessens risk of damage to the back of the teeth following a blow delivered to the underside of the lower jaw. Without a mouthguard, such impacts can cause cusp fractures and complete root fractions.
  • Lessens the risk of concussions following an impact around the mouth. This is due to the prevention of full posterior translation of the condyles to the base of the skull.
  • Lessens the risk of jaw fractures by absorbing the energy of a traumatic blow.
  • Improves confidence of players so the athletes can concentrate more on the efforts and execution of their sport.
  • Can be used for multiple sports.
  • With proper care, the mouthguard can be used for more than a year.
  • Extremely beneficial for athletes who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Myriad color options to meet the needs and wants of patients.

For more information on Pro-form’s mouthguards or any Keystone products, contact Keystone Industries toll-free at 1 (800) 333-3131 or fax (856) 663-0381.

Keystone Industries, 616 Hollywood Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.


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