Keystone Industries’ Syrijet is a tried and true needleless injector

It’s inevitable that every dentist battles patient dental chair fear and needle-phobia. But now, you can ease the fear of dental chairs and needles all with one eco-friendly tool. Keystone Industries Syrijet Mark II Needleless Injector is a truly tested needleless injector that reduces patient apprehension by eliminating painful and unsightly needles.

Syrijet is a precision instrument designed for simple, reliable operation. It saves time and effort, and eliminates unnecessary patient discomfort and needle apprehension. Syrijet assures reliable anesthesia for successful operative and surgical procedures in both upper and lower anterior areas, and for all procedures on deciduous teeth. If used as prescribed and cared for routinely, Syrijet will give you and your patients years of satisfaction.

Syrijet provides operative and surgical anesthesia for:
– Cavity preparation in upper and lower anterior teeth
– Crown and bridge preparation


Keystone Industries Syrijet’s solid construction makes it easy to use and durable.

– All permanent upper and most lower anterior teeth
– All deciduous teeth
– Deep scaling
– Flap removal
– Gingivectomy
– Excision of soft tissue lesions (fibroma, papilloma, etc.)
– Incision and drainage
– Placement or removal of sutures
– Revision of hypertrophic tissue
– Reduction of tuberosity
– Excision of mucous retention cyst (lip)
– Tissue biopsies
– Curettage
– Copper band impressions
– Cord retractions
– Post-op removal of bone
– Application of arch bars and ligature wires

Syrijet sub-topical anesthesia for painless needle insertions such as:
– Posterior superior alveolar nerve block
– Inferior alveolar nerve block
– Pre-IV needle insertion

The Syrijet instrument comes with rubber covers to ensure infection control and easy cleaning (autoclavable). The sleek looking injector is made of aluminum for even weight distribution and easy handling. It uses standard 1.8 cc local anesthetic cartridges with a volume control ranging form .05 to 20cc.

So ease your patients’ fears while still delivering the same anesthesia results with Keystone Industries’ Syrijet. You and your patient deserve the peace of mind and the elimination of dental procedure apprehension.

You can get more information at Keystone Industries website about Syrijet or other great Keystone products, contact Keystone Industries toll-free at 1 (800) 333-3131 or fax (856) 663-0381.

Keystone Industries, 616 Hollywood Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.



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10 responses to “Keystone Industries’ Syrijet is a tried and true needleless injector

  1. Nice to read but how effective is this yet to be seen ?

  2. highly effective! I cant imagine practicing dentisrty without it!

  3. Dr. Roi Jamie Raz

    Hello, i would just like to inquire if i can request for a copy of an instruction manual for the Syrijet Needleless Injector. pdf file would be ok with me. Thank you!

  4. luciano

    I stopped using this syringe because the trauma on the gums and the metallic noise it produces scares the patient even more than the needle itself.

  5. Roberto Catalan

    My patients love it! I do not use it everywhere as it says that can be used , but I do use it previously to an injection in the palatal area and when i am going to apply anesthesia to block the mandibualr nerve nerve…it works really nice!

  6. Lobna

    How can I order Syrijet?

  7. camus baptiste

    certification CE, FDA? spring action? gaz? no information about the product.

  8. Dear Sir

    I am a dentist in UK, trying to find a distributor for Syrijet here? Do you have an address or contact details?

  9. Joaquin

    I´ve used the injector for many years. Right now i need maintenance for the device who should i contact?

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