Is saving a tooth better than dental implant?

Modern dentistry has many ways to save a diseased tooth but some patients just want the damaged tooth out and a dental implant in its place. Which is the better choice?pulp

People lose teeth primarily because of gum disease, severe decay or accidents. Treatments for all have greatly improved throughout the years.

Gum disease used to be hard to control and gum disease surgery was painful and recovery slow. Today, lasers make short work of periodontal surgery, if it is even needed. New genetic testing allows dentists to pinpoint treatments, including topical antibiotics, that were unheard of several years ago. Teeth that were once destined to be lost can now be saved and long term prognosis for these teeth is good according to research.

Teeth with severe decay that has affected the dentin, the inner portion of the tooth, will most likely require root canal therapy. This procedure removes…

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