Diamond D® Denture Acrylic gets packaging makeover


Diamond D gets a fresh new look for 2014.

Cherry Hill, N.J. – Keystone Industries is excited to announce new packaging for its Diamond D® Denture Acrylic. This new look will match the quality that’s inside the packaging.

Keystone Industries Diamond D Denture Acrylic has unsurpassed beauty, fit and function. Thanks to its superior strength qualities, this denture acrylic not only meets industry standards but also is a cut above all the competition.

Diamond D combines artistry as well as technical expertise that go above the rest of the competition. The ultra-impact acrylic has exceptional flexural strength to make it the strongest denture acrylic in the market. The versatile shading and spectrophotometer shade matching technology ensures the right color variations and translucency found in natural tissues of the mouth. Also, the high-quality acrylic allows for excellent bonding to denture teeth and delivers unsurpassed fit and function.

Available shades: Original, Light, Light Reddish Pink, Chroma Essence, and Dark Veined. Original, Light, light Reddish Pink and Dark Veined match all the industry standard shades. Meanwhile, the new Chroma Essence provides a vast range of colorization.

Diamond D is scientifically proven to be the strongest denture acrylic in the market. A scientifically sound double blind study proved Diamond D had the best impact strength against the competition. With unmatched impact strength, Diamond D ensures some of the best dentures any laboratory can make. The impact strength – the measure of toughness – is significantly better compared to competitor acrylics.

For more information on Diamond D or any Keystone products, contact Keystone Industries toll-free at 1 (800) 333-3131 or fax (856) 663-0381.

Keystone Industries, 616 Hollywood Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.



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2 responses to “Diamond D® Denture Acrylic gets packaging makeover

  1. Hello, im about to order some diamond d acrylic for the first time and i was just wondering if you could tell me, is the original shade veined? Thank you.

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