April is National Youth Sports Safety Month

April is back… spring is back (hopefully!)… and so are spring sports. Get back into the swing of things with April’s National Youth Sports Safety Month.

Keystone Industries

BHGLwlACMAAF4axSpring is here. The weather is getting warmer, and yes, spring sports are in full gear. That’s why April is National Youth Sports Safety Month. This month helps create awareness of protecting youths from sports injuries, including oral traumas, which can happen when not using a custom mouthguard.

More than 3.5 million children aged 14 years and under receive medical treatment for sports injuries, according to Safe Kids USA. Most of these injuries include sprains, muscle strains, bone or growth plate injuries, repetitive motion injuries, heat related injures and of course head injures (concussions and mouth traumas).

Sports safety includes having the right safety gear such as a helmet, pads, gloves, and mouthguards. Using the right equipment correctly decreases that chances of injuries while letting children enjoy playing sports.

Now with childhood obesity epidemic, it’s even more important to stress physical activity in children. Sports are a great way to promote…

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