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How Sick Can Your Mouth Make You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s an interesting infographic for you to take into account: provided by Atlanta Dental Spa, the image below details many different diseases and illnesses you can pick up from your mouth alone. Major players such as diabetes, cancer, and cavities are prevalent on the graphic.

Make sure you stay up on your oral health and dental facts and tips to keep your mouth in check!



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The Push for Pro-Form: Importance of Custom Fit Mouthguards

As far as mouthguards go, the custom-fit options that dentists all over provide is an athlete’s best bet for mouth protection. It’s been estimated by the American Dental Association (ADA) that there are over 200,000 oral injuries each year that could have been totally avoidable if the person was wearing a mouthguard. With such a statistic out there, awareness for mouthguards is at an all-time high.

Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, explains in the video below how mouthguards are important for dental patients everywhere, and how high costs for injuries can be avoided by simply wearing a good mouthguard. Also, Turchetta touches on the different types of mouthguards, and how custom-fit, such as Pro-Form, set themselves on another level than the rest.

As you can hear Turchetta explain, there are various issues with mouthguards that are not custom-fit. From the stock guards making it hard to speak and breaht to overall not being comfortable, mouth protection is best served with a custom-fit guard such as Pro-Form.

Pro-Form mouthguards, manufactured in the United States by Keystone Industries, are high-quality custom-fit mouthguards designed with the best material on the market to protect athletes of all sports. As opposed to the boil-and-bites, Pro-Form mouthguards provide the necessary comfort and thickness with an ability to talk and breathe easily, and protection of all teeth including the posteriors.

Pictured here is one of our FunGuards, which come in different styles as well. How else can you have fun while protecting your mouth?

Pictured here is one of our FunGuards, which come in different styles as well. How else can you have fun while protecting your mouth?

On top of the long-running track record of protection they provide, Keystone Pro-Form mouthguards can also be made in specific color schemes, designs, and have the addition of custom decals. Everyone wants to be like the pros, and they’re known for wearing these types of mouthguards. With advances in technology today, you can see what you look like with a Pro-Form mouthguard on with an app by Keystone! The app is available in the Apple App Store, and allows you to show your patients what they can look like with a certain color Pro-Form mouthguard.

To learn more and purchase Pro-Form mouthguards, please click here.

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