Good Guys vs. Bad Guys For Your Teeth

Here’s a helpful infographic that shows what foods are good for your teeth health, and what foods are bad. Some misconceptions are pointed as well!

General rules of thumb:

  • Drink LOTS of water to reduce drying of the mouth
  • Gravitate towards fluoride and dairy products
  • Avoid starchy, sticky food
  • Keep up with routine oral hygiene!

23.02.15 - 1


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8 responses to “Good Guys vs. Bad Guys For Your Teeth

  1. I definitely enjoy every little bit of it and I have bookmarked your blog.

  2. I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post in the future I was very happy to have found this site. I wanted to thank you for this excellent post.

  3. Thanks for posting this article! Now I know what foods are good and bad for my dental health. I didn’t know that fish had fluoride in them; do you know how much they have? I can imagine why eating or drinking anything that drys out your mouth can be bad; I’ve heard saliva is very important for good dental health! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, I never knew that fluoride was in some foods. It looks like I need to add more sea food to my diet. I’ve always liked water more than soda, so luckily I won’t have to make much of an adjustment there. Which fruit or vegetable do you think is the best for your teeth?

    • There are various kinds that are great for teeth, but my personal favorite would have to be strawberries! They contain both an astringent and vitamin C, which aids in the removal of surface stains and whitens teeth.

  5. I always have such a hard time getting my kids excited about cleaning their teeth and it’s even harder getting them to eat healthy. I know that junk food has a dangerous effect on teeth so I have been trying to cut it out of all or our diets. We just moved to Pewaukee so we are looking for a new family dentist. Fingers crossed that none of us have cavities! Thanks for the tips!

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