About Keystone Industries

Keystone’s long history of dedication and innovation

Keystone Industries dedication to its customers has always been second to none since the company’s inception in 1908. Through the years, Keystone Industries has maintained a strong reputation of producing innovative high-tech dental products in both the operatory and laboratory realms. Our dedication is driven by the need to provide customers with the finest quality materials while developing products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

In our efforts to provide the best products possible, we added a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Gibbstown, N.J. This state-of-the-art, 250,000 square foot facility expanded our capabilities of manufacturing pharmaceutical products for the dental industry. Meanwhile, our facility in Myerstown, Pa., continues to work on all cylinders to maintain the quality and quantity our customers’ demand.

We also have a distribution center in Westminster, Calif. This increases our abilities by better serving clients located near the west coast. This conveniently located distribution center will greatly benefit Keystone customers by reducing shipping costs and time.

Of course, we offer the best international service possible with our Sigen, Germany headquarters. Here we are able to quickly and efficiently help any European or international customer.

Keystone Industries’ mission statement expressly states, “We are committed to the goal of total customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to the achievement of this goal by meeting or exceeding our customer expectations for product quality, competitive pricing and prompt delivery and customer service.” Keystone Industries’ constant growth and customer satisfaction reaffirms that we honor this mission statement above anything else.

The new facility additions along with the modifications of products and creation of new products are just the tip of the iceberg for Keystone Industries. With a continual drive for improvement and longstanding experience in outstanding services to the dental community, we strive to be a keystone to our clients’ ongoing quest of building their dental businesses and practices.

Ordering from our site

The web ordering process is quite simple. Just go to Keystone Industries website, browse our products, and pick the items you would like to purchase. Once you start an order, you are able to choose which trusted dealer you would like us to bill through. We have a long list of outstanding and reliable dealers you can choose from. Shortly after you submit an order, one of our customer representatives will contact you and make sure that the proper dealer receives your order. Then you will receive our trusted and valued products.

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