Free Samples

Keystone Industries offers free samples of two products, the Itsoclear clasp and the award-winning Gelato prophy paste. Click the links below if you would like to request a free sample.



Click here to request a free sample of Itsoclear.




Prophy Paste Box_mockup_0


Click here to request a free sample of Gelato Prophy Paste.




3 responses to “Free Samples

  1. I have a distributor of products for orthodontic laboratories in Brazil

    I am interested in reselling the colored plates for colored mouth guards

    I wonder prices study the feasibility of trade in Brazil

  2. Teshome

    Hi ! I am a Dentaltechnician in Sweden.
    I just wonder if you have a micrwavable acrylic
    with Daimond D which is clear (transparent) colour instead of pinc for Dentures?
    I appreciate if you late me know that. thanks

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