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Keystone’s First Annual LATAM Seminar a Big Success

MIAMI, Fla. – Keystone Industries has been expanding their dental-industry boundaries wider than ever before over the past couple years and the impact was felt amongst members of the Latin America dental community this May.

The Sheraton Miami was home to Keystone Industries first annual LATAM Dental Seminar, which was dedicated to customers from Latin American countries in Central and South America. The seminar, which was held May 20-21, provided attendees all the necessary training and knowledge to take their dental businesses to the next innovative level by using the Keystone product lines. Guest speakers and presenters touched on all the big-sellers, as well as some lesser-known technologies looking to hit the ground running in the Latin American market.

Meg Shank from Apavia (above) talks about the water filtration technology and its impact on the dental industry.

Meg Shank from Apavia (above) talks about the water filtration technology and its impact on the dental industry.

Dennis Urban, CDT, a key opinion leader in the dental and denture field, who has given lectures around the world, gave his presentation on removable technology followed by a live demonstration of denture processing with our Diamond D acrylic and the Tecnoflask, Keystone’s new microwavable denture flask.

On top of this big hit, Mike Prozzillo, VP of Sales, and Derek Keene, VP of Marketing, spoke to the attendees about mouthguards and thermoplastics Keystone offers, as well as how important Pro-Form mouthguard protection is to athletes in the United States. “The movement for oral protection is spreading into Central and South America through sports like soccer (futbol), MMA fighting, and boxing. With our biggest and best customers from these countries south of the United States attending this seminar, it was very beneficial for their market,” said Prozzillo.

Other speakers at the seminar included Sales Manager Wayne Allen, who shared knowledge and expertise of the acquired Bosworth product lines and the benefits it provides to dental practices, and Meg Shank of Apavia, a company that recently became exclusive international partners with Keystone for water filtration technology, who spoke about the impact and importance of water filtration in dentist offices and how it will be growing over time.

A happy group after the seminar!

A happy group after the seminar!

Throughout the two-day seminar, attendees were highly informed and trained on cutting-edge dental products, and have given raving reviews of the overall event.

The video below contains footage from the LATAM Seminar we hosted in Miami, FL from May 20-21 2015. You will see the attendees from 10 different countries being trained on various Keystone products to better their businesses in the dental field across Central and South America. You can also view photos from the event on our Facebook page and get more information on our products online at http://www.keystoneindustries.com/en/home.

Keystone Industries, 480 South Democrat Road, Gibbstown, NJ 08027.


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Successful Strategies For a Win-Win Relationship With Your Dental Lab [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a leader in the dental manufacturing industry, we here at Keystone aim to take that leader position and share information to those throughout the industry, in hopes of providing insight on how to better their work, practice, or reputation. This post can surely benefit doctors working on building a relationship with a dental lab!

Dr. Ken Newhouse explains in a recent article and infographic (see below) how success in dental practices is measured by their relationships with clients, employees, partners, and most importantly – the dental lab.

“Solid relationships with patients and vendors, especially with your dental lab, can carry you through challenging times and tight deadlines and give you an edge over your competitors,” Newhouse explains in the article on DentistryIQ.com. “I think one of the biggest mistakes dentists make is to treat their dental lab as a disposable resource that can be replaced if the lab owner and employees don’t “kiss the ring on bended knee.” Operating with the attitude that the world revolves around you and your practice is a long-term prescription for failure.”

Click the infographic below to enlarge it and read all of its contents. To ensure your dental lab is producing some of the best work possible to suit your needs, check out our dental lab products store on our website and make sure they’re using some of the best products in the industry!



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Diamond D® Impact for Implants

Today’s implant prosthetics call for high performance materials. Diamond D® is the highest performing high impact acrylic on the market today. Independently blind tested, Diamond D is proven to have the highest impact strength amongst competitors. The acrylic also has outstanding tooth and acrylic bond, ideal for “space limited’ cases, and superior adhesion to metal when used with metal bonding primers. Smooth, doughy packing consistency allows easy workability.


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Watch these Versacryl Videos Part 3

Here are some more videos done by Mr. Mohamed Al Emary, owner of Alemary Dental Lab, using our Keystone products. He particularly likes Versacryl due to its workability properties.

This unique product has been developed to create thermo-adjustable relines. Imagine having the luxury to simply heat a denture and re-adjust the fit in seconds and if it’s not satisfactory the procedure can be repeated anytime by the dentist, the technician or even the patient themselves.

The Versacryl Reline is not a regular “soft reline” material. It is a heat sensitive liner that softens in warm water between 120F – 205F. At body temperature the Versacryl has an extremely comfortable cushiony effect that yields to pressure and actually creates better suction than conventional soft liners.

Versacryl is a cross-linked acrylic denture material guaranteed to create a chemical bond with all other denture acrylics. Versacryl is available in Heat Cure or Self Cure and no special equipment is needed to process.

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Diamond D is a cut above the rest in strength, aesthetics and fit

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 10.29.07 AMKeystone Industries Diamond D Denture Acrylic has unsurpassed beauty, fit and function. Thanks to its superior strength qualities, this denture acrylic not only meets industry standards but also is a cut above all the competition.

Diamond D combines artistry as well as technical expertise that go above the rest of the competition. The ultra-impact acrylic has exceptional flexural strength to make it the strongest denture acrylic in the market. The versatile shading and spectrophotometer shade matching technology ensures the right color variations and translucency found in natural tissues of the mouth. Also, the high-quality acrylic allows for excellent bonding to denture teeth and delivers unsurpassed fit and function.

These qualities allow laboratories to really set themselves apart by using a denture acrylic that is going to last long and look great.

Diamond D goes above and beyond when it comes to shading. Developed with an understanding of how light and color is affected in the mouth, this acrylic provides various shades to help find the absolute perfect match through advanced spectrophotometer shade matching technology.

Available shades: Original, Light, Light Reddish Pink, Chroma Essence, and Dark Veined. Original, Light, light Reddish Pink and Dark Veined match all the industry standard shades. Meanwhile, the new Chroma Essence provides a vast range of colorization.

Diamond D is scientifically proven to be the strongest denture acrylic in the market. A scientifically sound double blind study proved Diamond D had the best impact strength against the competition. With unmatched impact strength, Diamond D ensures some of the best dentures any laboratory can make. The impact strength – the measure of toughness – is significantly better compared to competitor acrylics.

For more information on Diamond D or any Keystone products, contact Keystone Industries toll-free at 1 (800) 333-3131 or fax (856) 663-0381.

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