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The Reasons Behind Getting Dental X-Rays

Getting x-rays at the dentist may not be your favorite thing, but this insightful infographic from DentAbout.com helps outline the importance behind them. Although both intraoral and extraoral x-rays show the teeth, their focuses differ from the general health of your teeth (intraoral) to your jaw and skull (extraoral). Nonetheless, these x-rays allow for the dentist to do their job and check for decay, cavities, and disease that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Infographic courtesy of: DentAbout.com

Infographic courtesy of: DentAbout.com

Why not include a funny picture relevant to dental x-rays? Here you go!

Image courtesy: Levenson Smile

Image courtesy of: Levenson Smile



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Dental X-rays no longer linked to brain tumors, report says

The link between X-rays and cancer is nothing new. However, a new study shows that maybe there isn’t a link between dental X-rays and the risk of malignant brain tumors.

This study debunks a questionable study that was released last spring. This April 2012 epidemiological study linked X-rays and malignant brain tumors and caused quite a stir, especially with the oral radiology community. Even the Academy of General Dentistry (ADA), questioned the study’s approach.

The new study, though, found no significant association between malignant brain tumors and dental diagnostic X-ray exposure. For more information, go to this DrBicuspid blog.

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